Destination – Into the Wild. Ice Age trail, half day hike

Every guidebook welcomes to Sigulda and Turaida – the gateway to the Gauja valley carved by the Ice Ages. That’s the exit of the valley, but what’s about the belly?

  • pick up at hotel at 7:30
  • 1,5 hours ride to the point of destination – Raiskums village, vicinity of Cesis, (Riga 87 km)
  • short hike to the introduction point (Green class). The overview of the hike, tea, coffee, water.
  • hike along the once melting ice-trail will reveal the intimate landscapes of the brooks and streams, rivers meeting and curving, in a certain moment getting into the atmosphere of  the world famous painting “Three bears” by M.Shishkin yourself.
  • picnic served in the middle of the forest – tasting of fresh and newly  oven/fire baked exceptional local products.
  • continuation of the trail until the reach of Gauja river.
  • pick up and drive until the most popular fresh water spring in the vicinity of Cesis – the Red cliffs.
  • water
  • drive back to civilised world.

Hiking difficulty: medium

Distance covered: 6 km

Road surface: 10% gravel roads, 90% forest paths and wild animal trails

Approximate time in the wild: 6 hours (5 hours hiking and 1 hour lunch stop)

walking shoes requested. walking sticks provided. drinking water provided. terrain – rough, environment – every type of post Ice Age Northern forest growth.

Suggested time of visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter