Historical detectives’ tour – discovering medieval stories

Pick up at hotel at 7:30

1,5 hours ride to the point of destination – Raiskums village, vicinity of Cesis, (Riga 87 km)

Short hike to the introduction point: Green lodge – well equipped forest campsite. Fresh morning  tea, coffee, refreshments.

  • The story of Letts – who are Latvians and where do we come from?
  • castrum Sotekele –   the most striking fortification of Gauja upper valley
  • message on the Cliff – hike to encounter the most precious pictographic monument in the region.
  • tea stop on the riverside.
  • Intrigue unsolved – a trail of the most decisive battle (1578) in the fatal Livonian war – history behind the forest
  • drive to Cesis, free time for lunch
  • Cesis historical town and Medieval castle tour
  • drive back to the initial point of departure

Hiking difficulty: low

hiking distance covered: 5 km

Approximate time of event: 5-6 hours

walking shoes requested. walking sticks provided. drinking water provided. terrain – rough, environment – forest and urban